The Goldschmidt Programme

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The Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt Programme gives German-speaking and French-speaking up-and-coming translators the chance to get to know publishing companies. This bursary programme is organised jointly by the Frankfurt Book Fair, Deutsch-Fran
zösischen Jugendwerk (DFJW)
, the Bureau International de l’Édition Française (BIEF) and the Swiss Foundation Pro Helvetia.

Information for appliers

The end of application is on 31 August.
Please send your application only by e-mail to Nina Garde

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Description of the translation project (approx. one page)
  • Short sample translation together with the relevant original text (maximum 5 pages)
  • If applicable, extract from an already published literary translation from French, together with the relevant original text. Translations from languages other than French cannot be taken into consideration.
  • The selected title should either be puplished during the current year or be a rediscovery
  • Upper age limit: 30 years old (in exceptional cases: 35)
  • University degree (e.g. literary translation course at Düsseldorf University or similar) and/or a literary translation already published
  • Availability for the entire duration of the programme (April to June)
  • Financing; contract of participation: participants receive a grant to cover their travel costs, meals and accommodation. To qualify for the grant, they must sign a contract of participation and a learning agreement, and they must fulfil the obligations contained in these agreements.
  • Insurance: all participants must be adequately insured.
  • Certificates: participants receive a certificate confirming their period of residence.

Each year, the programme is held from the end of January to the end of March.

  • Introductory seminar
  • Practical seminar: Presentation of project
  • Three-week translation workshop in Germany and France
  • Visits to German and French publishing houses
  • Public reading
  • Evaluation seminar

The funding for the Goldschmidt Programme is provided by the Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk in accordance with its guidelines. From 2012 onwards, the Foundation Pro Helvetia funds a grant for a French-speaking participant from Switzerland. Participants receive a monthly grant of 900 Euros. Travel expenses to the various programme venues are paid for in part. Any costs incurred over and above this must be met by the participants themselves.

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Time to start

Start of the Goldschmidt-Programme in Switzerland

Nina Garde
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Nina Garde
t: +49 (0) 69 2102 168
f: +49 (0) 69 2102 46168

Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt Programme 2017

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